The Various Kinds Of Costs Involved In Demolishing An Existing Structure

Posted by on October 10, 2016 in Demolition, Home Bilding

If you have invested in real estate, the probability is high that you may have to invest in getting demolition work done prior to building a new structure. Demolishing an existing structure is quite a complex task and involves a number of aspects.

Building a structure costs a certain amount of money, but demolishing it may cost much more. It is hence essential to hire professional house demolition companies who possess the relevant experience of carrying out demolition tasks. Such companies can help in lowering the cost involved in completing the task. Before hiring a company, it hence becomes imperative to consider the various factors which impact the total cost of the job.

Factors affecting the cost of demolition tasks

The cost of carrying out demolition tasks depends on the following factors:

  • The job size

The expenditure involved in demolishing a structure depends on the area over which it is spread. This includes consideration of factors like the number of floors in the structure and the other structures including garage, sheds and cabins. Demolishing concrete foundations may involve more effort and subsequently higher demolition costs. The property size may also influence the type of equipment used for the job. Bigger houses may require more advanced equipment. In such cases, the cost may escalate.


  • The type of materials to be removed

Asbestos removal which forms a part of demolition tasks requires a complex procedure. Asbestos inhalation may cause serious health issues. Careful planning is hence essential before undertaking asbestos removal. Due to the complexity of the task, it commands a higher expenditure. Professionals especially trained for the purpose may be hired for the job of asbestos removal. Though removal of asbestos proves to be expensive, it is important in order to ensure the safety and health of your family.

  • Identifying elements that can threaten the environment

Demolition work also involves removal of certain elements that can be dangerous to the environment. Elements like tree stumps can pose a threat to the safety of surrounding areas and your family. It is hence important to identify such elements while carrying out demolition work. Removal of such elements may increase the cost of demolition work.

  • The number of professionals required for the job

The demolition of smaller structures may easily be carried out with the help of lesser number of skilled professionals. Bigger ones may however require more people to be involved in the task. The total number of people required for the job can impact the overall cost involved. Once the task is finished, people may still be required to carry out the task of debris removal. It is hence advisable to hire companies that undertake debris removal along with the demolition work. This can help you save a substantial amount of money.

  • Time taken

Larger structures take a longer time to demolish as compared to smaller ones. This can increase the cost of labour involved in the task. It can hence be concluded that the cost of demolition work is directly proportional to the time taken.

House demolitions may prove to be expensive but are worth the investment as they ensure the safety of people. It is hence advisable to contact expert companies for the job.